What You Can Do to Release Stress and Anxiety

If you’re suffering from chronic stress or anxiety, there are a variety of bodywork techniques you can do at home to interrupt the cycle. One involves inducing the “still point,” a technique taught by our Portland natural medicine practitioners.

By temporarily restricting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, known as the still point, you can cause a buildup that, when released, gently flushes out the system as the fluid starts to flow again. You can self-induce the still point using two tennis balls packed tightly into an athletic sock that’s knotted on the open end—or buy a specialized device online.

Place the still point inducer under your head, in line with your ears, and relax, letting the full weight of your head settle on the device for 10 to 20 minutes. Most people can use this technique up to four times a day. It’s perfectly safe except in cases of internal bleeding in the head, acute stroke, acute head trauma or a brain stem tumor.

For additional help managing stress and anxiety in your life, visit Heart Spring Health’s Portland natural medicine clinic for a craniosacral therapy appointment. Your visit will begin with a brief face-to-face conversation about what’s ailing you. Then you’ll lie on a massage table, either fully or lightly clothed, while your provider performs manual massage techniques primarily on your head, pelvis and chest.

If strong emotions or memories surface during the bodywork, it means the therapy is working on a deep level. Telling your practitioner what you’re experiencing during treatment can help support the process. Our massage therapists are trained to hold a safe space for you to explore what’s being released as you journey toward long-term healing.


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