Dr John Kouame (ND)

Five years in an accredited medical program gearing up to provide comprehensive treatment plans that incorporate the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches (Bastyr University Kenmore, WA)

5 ans dans une ecole accreditee de Medecine Integrative combinant le meilleur des medecines moderne et traditionelle.

Board certified and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Docteur de Medecine integrative

•M.A. in Kinesiology, Research Assistant at University of Maryland College Park

Master en Kinesiologie, Recherche Assistant a l'Universite de Maryland College Park

•B.S. in Neuro-Physio-Biology at University of Maryland College Park

Bachelor en Neuro-physio-biologie a l'universite de Maryland College Park

•US Veteran:  Eight years in the US Army Reserve as Medical Specialist

Veteran Americain:  8 ans comme reserviste dans dans l'Armee Americaine

•Bilingual:  French (native), English

Bilingue:  Francais, Anglais


PATIENT CARE (Thorough review of systems, physical examination)

Promotion and health restoration with great emphasis on preventative medicine and lifestyle management

Promotion et restoration de la sante avec accent sur la medecine preventive et l'amenagement du style de vie

PHYSICAL MEDICINE (Pain management)

To promote wellness and decrease tension by using progressive muscle relaxation of specific muscle groups (Very efficient muscle pain therapy)

Promouvoir le bien etre et diminuer la tension musculaire en utilisant une technique de relaxation progressive de tous les groupes musculaires

DETOX (A new lease on life)

To use Nutrition, breathing, hydration, relaxation, colon hydro, orthomolecular medicine to free up the emunctories and heal the "hole within"

Utiliser la nutrition, la respiration, l'hydrotherapie, la medecine orthomoleculaire afin de liberer les emonctoires et reparer la muqueuse intestinale

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY ( Regain inner peace)

To alleviate the pressures that impede the rhythmic ebb and flow of the cerebrospinal fluid

Allevier les tensions qui genent les flux et reflux du liquide cephalorachidien sur toute la longueur cranio-sacrale

HOMEOPATHY (Path to recovery)

To use minute doses of a substance to heal symptoms otherwise elicited by larger doses of that substance in healthy individuals.

Utiliser des doses infinitesimales d'une substance produisant expérimentalement chez une personne saine des symptômes semblables à ceux présentés par la personne affectée


Diagnosis, co-management of a vast array of infectious diseases and chronic ailments

Examens complementaires qui aident a etablir un diagnostic